Fitbit Alta Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracking Smart Fitness Watch, Large


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Fitbit Alta will motivate you to move by delivering your fitness progress and real-life updates straight to your wrist. Lightweight, slim and elegant, this device will track steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and exercise sessions, as well as your sleeping pattern to get the full picture of your health. Receive text, call and calendar notifications when synced with your smartphone and set a silent alarm to help you wake up more naturally. All-Day tracking The Alta keeps count of your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and active minutes as well as tracking the quality of your sleep. Activity is displayed in real-time on the OLED screen while syncing with your smartphone provides more in-depth analysis of both activity and sleep. Motivating you to move Like having your own personal trainer with you all day long, the Fitbit Alta will give you friendly reminders to move and commend you for reaching your goals. More than just a fitness tracker The OLED screen doesn’t just update you on your activity, it functions as a watch, keeping you up-to-date throughout the day. It also includes a silent alarm to gently wake you in the morning. If your smartphone’s nearby, then the Fitbit Alta will show incoming call/text notifications so you get a heads up on who’s contacting you without having to get out your mobile. 5-Day battery It’s designed to keep going for up to 5 days without needing to be charged. Wirelessly sync and connect online No need for wires, the Fitbit will connect automatically and wirelessly to your PC and 200+ smartphones – including iPhone, Android and Windows devices – for instant access to your stats. Seamless app experience The Fitbit app for iOS, Android and Windows Phones provides a platform for tracking and analysing your health and fitness, as well as keeping you motivated to keep on track. Your progress is displayed on easy to read charts and graphs. Record workouts, see a monthly exercise calendar & use MobileRun to track stats and map routes. Log food with a barcode scanner and use the calorie estimator, meal shortcuts and expanded food database to ensure healthy eating. The app will even let you share your progress with friends and family, complete with leaderboards, while fitness milestones are rewarded with badges. Size Guide: Size Small fits wrists 14 – 17cm circumference Size Large fits wrists 17 – 20.6cm circumference